BMW M3 Pick-Up

You know that the BMW M3 comes in sedan, coupe and convertible models . But did you know if the BMW ever made the M3 in the form of a pick-up?

Back in 2011, BMW Motorsport GmbH launched an M3 pick-up on the basis of a BMW convertible (E93). Interestingly, this is done as a joke to welcome ‘April Fools’ which falls every April 1.

Appearing in the form of a pick-up does not make this M3 ability decreases. BMW rearranged the suspension system, so that this vehicle remained stable even though it was driven above the speed of 300 km / h at the Nurburgring Nordschleife on the day of its launch. Apart from that, the M3 still uses a 4.0-liter naturally aspirated V8 engine capable of producing 420 hp power.

The roof uses a Targa roof that can be assembled so that it still gives the impression of an exotic.

While the rear body is made to be able to accommodate loads weighing up to 450 kg or the equivalent of putting 20 golf bags.

Surprisingly, with this form of pick-up , BMW found that the Coefficient Drag factor was not much different from the BMW M3 coupe (E92) model and had a lighter weight of 50 kg from the original convertible model .

The BMW M3 pick-up is indeed not the first time it was made. In the 80s, BMW had made a pickup model on the basis of the BMW E30 convertible . But the difference, the BMW M3 – E93 pick-up has been certified so that it can officially be used on the highway.

At present the BMW M3 – E93, which is the only model in the world, is used as a means of transportation in the BMW M GmbH environment in Germany.