Rolls Royce Phantom

This is the royal form of luxury. Rolls Royce Phantom undeniable presence, the huge cabin and the long rectangular bonnet making it an imposing vehicle. This expensive vehicle is well equipped with all modern facilities.The hand made body of Phantom is built with perfect precision. This car have an absolutely classic styling. It is luxurious … Read more

BMW M3 Pick-Up

You know that the BMW M3 comes in sedan, coupe and convertible models . But did you know if the BMW ever made the M3 in the form of a pick-up? Back in 2011, BMW Motorsport GmbH launched an M3 pick-up on the basis of a BMW convertible (E93). Interestingly, this is done as a … Read more

Mazda Kazamai concept

Kazamai: this Japanese word means ’swirling crosswinds’. Mazda’s all new concept Kazamai is a compact sporty crossover. This car was unveiled in the Moscow Auto show 2008. Mazda Kazamai is the part of Mazda’s long term vision: ’sustainable zoom-zoom’. This aims to provide high performance with environmental safety. Mazda Kazamai’s exterior design is inspired from … Read more

Lotus Evora: Project Eagle revealed

In the British motor show, Lotus unveiled its all new coupe: Lotus Evora, which was known as Project Eagle. After iconic Elise, this is the only mid engined 2+2 available in market. Lotus Evora is more advanced than the famous Lotus Elise. This car comes with the exotic style and look of a sportscar and … Read more

Aston Martin One 77

Aston Martin One 77, the stunning dream machine from the Famous British company. Aston Martin One 77 is blended with advanced technology and have an amazing design. Aston Martin One 77 is powered by 7.0-liter V12 engine. This delivers extreme performance. This car comes with Chassis made of carbon fiber and Handcrafted Aluminium body. The … Read more

Audi Q5

Audi Q5 is an SUV from Audi. Q5 shares its platform with A4 and A5. A4 and Q5 have have same wheelbase and similar chassis design. This SUV have a sedan feel and impressive dynamics. Since it follows the path of Q7, the styling appears familiar, but the Q5 is significantly smaller and unlike the … Read more