Rolls Royce Phantom

This is the royal form of luxury. Rolls Royce Phantom undeniable presence, the huge cabin and the long rectangular bonnet making it an imposing vehicle. This expensive vehicle is well equipped with all modern facilities.
The hand made body of Phantom is built with perfect precision. This car have an absolutely classic styling. It is luxurious in every angle. The back door opens to the back side, which is opposite from conventional cars. The coach style doors are called suicide doors. The door can be closed by pushing a button. The inside is coated with high quality leather. Inside the roof pillar there is a small mirror. The Phantom is built on 260 hours while the conventional cars take 24 hours to build. Phantoms are now being built at BMW’s state of the art factory.

The V12 engine gives mobility to this palace.The light weight body is built with Aluminium. This luxury giant have 5.8 meters length.The V12 engine gives mobility to this palace. This is 6749cc petrol engine. This is having a power of 453 bhp and torque of 719 Nm/3500rpm. Even though it has a powerful engine the car is quiet at inside and also out side. BMW’s iDrive is “Control Center” in Phantom. The transmission is 6 speed automatic.
The excellent suspension gives silky smooth and extra ordinary riding. The frequent accelerations and deceleration will no disturb the passengers. Moving at high speed will feel like standing still. The steering is very smooth and it is speed sensitive. The classic style gear liver is very smooth. It is electronic. The driving is so smooth. But this is not a driver’s car.

Fuel consumption: 11.3l per 100 km in highways.
Length: 5609mm Width: 1987mm Height: 1581 mm Wheelbase: 3320mm
Price is about $ 447700