BMW Smart Mobility for the Future GIIAS 2015

BMW Indonesia reaches the customer segment by building a BMW pavilion above 1500 square meters at GIIAS 2015. In harmony with the main theme “Smart Mobility for the Future”, BMW Indonesia displays a range of leading vehicles and merchandise outlets that have become a lifestyle for BMW lovers.

On the same occasion Karen Lim as President Director of BMW Indonesia introduced to the public the latest variants of the BMW 3 Series and BMW Gran Tourer.

This latest Series 3 is the BMW 340i which is the successor of the BMW 335i, is the first model of the entire series of BMW vehicles driven by a new six-cylinder engine from the latest BMW Efficient Dynamics Modular engine family. The unit is claimed to be lightweight and made entirely of aluminum, of course supported by BMW Twin Power Turbo technology.

BMW released a new variant in the premium compact segment, the BMW Gran Tourer 218i became a vehicle that was conceptualized as flexible and practical. The best combination of functionality and dynamic design was launched by BMW with a price of IDR 749,000,000.

On top of the vast land in addition to displaying the car line up , BMW also set up merchandise outlets to support the lifestyle of bimmers.

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